16 Reusable Products To Help Us Be Less Wasteful

Photo by  SWZLE  on  Unsplash

Photo by SWZLE on Unsplash

Okay, by now we should all be aware, that as a planet, we have a HUGE waste problem. A problem that is piling up on our land, polluting the air, seeping into soil and being swept into our oceans. Thankfully there is something we can all do about it. We can start to change our past ways and begin to influence the way forward. We are only footsteps into the new year and thankfully there are many alternatives that can help lessen the rest of this year’s footprint, and hopefully beyond. Below is a selection of reusable replacements for common, if not everyday plastic items that we have been conveniently using. Product links are included in both the images and text below.

  • Refrain from accepting plastic bags offered to you by making sure that you always have your own reusable bag to hand. This VITA rePETe reusable tote by ChicoBag comes with its own pouch which can be clipped onto your keyring, purse or bag so that you never forget. An added bonus is that the bag is made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles.

  • If you regularly like to grab a takeout coffee when out and about, then why not invest in a reusable coffee cup. Ecoffee cups are made with natural fibre, corn starch and resin, the lid and sleeve is made from food-grade silicone and designed especially for hot liquids. Ecoffee cups come in a variety of colours and designs.

  • A reusable water bottle just like this stainless steel one by Tree Tribe is an essential item to help reduce our dependency on single use plastics. Tree Tribe also plant ten trees for every sale.

  • Carrying a cutlery set with you is a good idea if you are prone to grabbing snacks when out. Decline the plastic disposables which are usually offered to us and carry your own reusables like this compact bamboo cutlery set by Bambaw. It also includes a reusable straw and comes in a jute pouch.

  • Personally, I don’t see much need for straws, however, if sucking on straws is something you like to indulge in then why not treat yourself to a reusable straw set such as this 5 Piece Stainless Steel Straw Set with Safe Silicone Flex Tip and Cleaning Brush by Klean Kanteen.

  • A refillable water bottle such as this stainless steel one by Tree tribe is essential in helping stop our reliance on single use plastic water bottles. Tree Tribe also plants ten trees for every sale.

  • Use Produce bags like these muslin and organic cotton set by PlanetCare when buying unpackaged fruit, veg or dry produce. This pack comes with 7 various size bags with the tare weight sewn onto each bag to make weighing and pricing easier.

  • Glass storage jars are an attractive and healthy way to store your loose dry produce. If you currently own a lot of plastic containers then by no means chuck them out as this will only add to the waste problem. Instead, they can be used around your home to store non-consumables.

  • Beeswax wraps are the new cling film, washable and reusable, they are a great alternative to plastic wrap. If you prefer a vegan version then check out this large kitchen wrap pack by The Vegan food wraps Company. The pack contains 1 large wrap, 2 medium and two small.

  • Planning meals in advance and only buying what you need will definitely help to reduce food waste, however it is impossible to avoid food waste altogether. Fortunately there are many ways to break down and dispose of this waste, even if you don’t have a garden. One way is to try out a home wormery such as the Worm Factory 360 which comes with all you need to start composting. Made from HDPE recycled plastic.

  • Switch to eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes such as these cuties by EcoLifeNinja. With Charcoal infused brushes, they come in a pack of 4, each with a different message on the handle to help family members distinguish thier own brush.

  • Don’t worry you don’t have to do without dental floss, you can just do without the nylon and plastic packaging, as there are both silk and vegan bamboo versions available. Plastic-free versions of dental floss are available from Georganics.

  • Ditch the disposable razor or razor heads and replace with a safety razor such as this classic 2-piece Double-Edge safety Razor by Merkur. Made in Solingen, Germany from world-famous Solingen steel.

  • Replace Cotton wool with reusable cleansing pads such as this pack of 16 bamboo pads that come with their own laundry bag.

  • Swap out you container shampoo for a shampoo bar which can also double as soap. The Friendly Soap range are handmade with natural ingredients and come boxed in plastic-free recycled (and recyclable) packaging.

  • Something that is often overlooked when it comes to waste, is the kind that us ladies produce each month as a result of having our period. Periods are unavoidable but the resulting waste isn’t. Luckily for us, there is an alternative - a silicon menstrual cup like this one by MeLuna. Before you buy, be aware that they come in different sizes.

  • Most of us own at least some clothing that is made from synthetic materials such as fleece, nylon or polyester, but did you know that during every wash cycle, tiny fibres (Microplastics) enter our rivers, estuaries and eventually end up in the sea threatening sealife and the mammals (including humans) who consume them. This is where the Guppyfriend comes in. The Guppyfriend washing bag filters out the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing.

    As an individual, making these changes may not seem like much but remember, you are one in a world full of individuals, and together we can make a difference. Be the change!!!