Green Web Hosting: 9 Companies With The Environment In Mind

Photo by  Janko Ferlič  on  Unsplash

Whenever you visit a website, you’re directly connecting to one of the servers that the site is hosted on. Unfortunately, the data centres that house the servers generate so much heat that the provider usually needs a massive cooling system to keep temperatures manageable. Take into account all the other power requirements, and you have an industry that it is emitting tons of CO2 per year. Greenpeace IT analyst Gary Cook says “only about 20% of the electricity used in the world’s data centres is so far renewable, with 80% of the power still coming from fossil fuels.” Data centres already consume roughly 3% of all globally generated power and account for approximately 2% of greenhouse gas emissions – a carbon footprint equivalent to the airline industry, and with more and more people gaining access to the internet globally, these figures are only going to escalate. According to Trey Gardner, CEO of Greengeeks, “The web hosting industry can be held accountable and can change course but only if consumers choose to go green and force other companies in the industry to do the right thing and become eco-friendly.”

So What is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting refers to web hosting companies who either run off of renewable energy or invest in some form of carbon offsetting scheme, so that for every unit of energy they use, they pay to generate the same amount of energy or more, from renewables which are then pumped back into the grid. Other companies may choose to offset their footprint by partnering with reforestation projects. Green web hosters may also further lessen their environmental impact by using energy efficient equipment and by adopting and implementing policies that are more environmentally friendly in their data centres and offices.

By choosing a green web host, you could be helping to produce more renewable energy for the entire power grid as some green web hosting companies contribute more energy to the grid than they consume. Working with a green web hosting company will also enhance your eco-friendly image, as many of the green web hosting providers will provide you with an eco-friendly badge to display on your website. By seeking out green web hosting, you are not only helping to reduce your own carbon footprint, but are also sending a message to web hosting companies that as clients, you care about their impact on the environment, and that they should too.

If you would like to find out what green web hosters have to offer check out these 9 companies that have chosen to be more environmentally friendly:


Green Geeks hosting platform has been designed with a maximum use, no waste of resources mindset. GreenGeeks is a recognized EPA Green Power Partner. Every aspect of their hosting platform is built to be as energy efficient as possible. In addition to this, for every amperage they pull from the grid, they invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In effect GreenGeeks not only wipes out their own carbon footprint but are also negating the carbon footprint of two additional companies of their size.


Dreamhost have made a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment with optimized facilities and policies that put respect for natural resources at the core of what they do. Their offices are LEED Platinum and EnergyStar-certified facilities. Their data centres have a high-efficiency cooling infrastructure with both airside and waterside economization. They are also Partners in state-level "clean wind" programs and are powered by grids that obtain electricity from many renewable sources including wind farms, solar panels, and hydroelectric plants.


HostPapa has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power their data centres, web servers, office computers, laptops, and office space.


Kualo’s global operations are powered entirely by renewable energy. Their UK datacentre uses 100% green sourced power as specified by E.ON and as regulated by Ofgem, and their US facility uses 100% renewable energy, as certified by Green-e. Their environmental policies aim to reduce waste, encourage recycling and avoid all unnecessary travel. Kualo are also a partner member of The Green Web Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation who are on a mission to speed up the transition towards a completely green Internet.


Since 2007 A2 Hosting have partnered with to offset their carbon footprint. are a leading organization in the fight against global climate change, who’s work centres on reforestation and promoting energy efficiency. A2 Hosting work with them to fully offset their servers' CO2 emmissions. This partnership helps their continued development of clean, renewable sources of energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions on a global scale.


Eco Web Hosting have teamed up with Ransom Wood Business Park in Nottinghamshire to plant trees to offset their carbon footprint. To date they have planted over 300 English Oak trees, which at present absorb more than three times the carbon produced by their servers. Their servers operate by only drawing the power they need to reduce the total watts per server. Managed power systems ensures idle hardware does not consume resources that are not required.


Green Hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy. Their Centro datacentre in London, which houses the hosting servers, routers and cooling systems runs entirely on wind-generated energy from UK wind farms. Because the energy is supplied via the grid, the power does not stop if the wind isn’t blowing, nor does it need to fall back on fossil fuels. It remains as reliable as ever and as green as always. They are also a partner of The Green Web Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working hard to help the transition to a completely green internet.


All of Eco Hosting’s energy is supplied via renewable sources. They endeavour to maintain their ethos and core beliefs at all times and since the expiration of the CCL Exemption they still use renewable energy by choice. They have contributed towards reforestation projects in Devon, Somerset and South Wales and are currently supporting the Alladale Reserve - north of Inverness.


Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO.Net), founded in 1997 and located in Romoland, California runs entirely on solar energy from its own on-site solar array and has recently further improved its energy efficiency through virtualization and de-duplication services. Clients include The Discovery Channel and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society.