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8 Thought-Provoking And Persuasive Documentaries To Inspire You To Choose A Plant-based Diet

Whether your motivation is health, animal rights or wanting to mitigate climate change, pick a documentary, sit back, relax and prepare yourself for a whole lot of vegucation.

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Environmental Nightmare- You Won’t Believe How Much Is Spent On Halloween

Modern day Halloween, based on a once sacred Celtic tradition celebrating the summer’s end, has become one of the largest spending holidays in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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6 Tips to Living More Sustainably When You're Renting

For those who don’t own their own home, installing solar panels, adding better insulation, replacing windows, installing greywater plumbing etc is not an option. There are, however, lots of ways in which you can ‘green up’ your homes and live more sustainably.

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